Feedsacks date back as far as 1864 when a machine was patented, in New York, to sew cotton bags, in which to sell flour, sugar and seeds etc. These began as ordinary brown or white bags often including the logo of certain companies. The housewife would then re-use these sacks to make such things as towels or curtains.

However, as time went on, in the 1930s, one of the bag manufacturers had the idea to print the sacks with various designs and also to print the logo on a removable paper label. Thus the great feedsack craze began as housewives utilised these pretty and interesting sacks to make various clothes items etc.

The bag manufacturers were now quite competetive, seeing who could come up with the best designs! Millions of bags were manufactured at this time! Some feedsacks are still available today and some can be found in sack form. Feedsack fabric is very sought after, as it is indeed a little piece of history! It is rare and quite unique and offers an interesting alternative to today's modern designs.

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